Five Interesting And Exciting Mobile News Reports For Q2 Of 2021

Are you someone who’s constantly trying to stay up to date with the mobile world? Do you read mobile magazines and newspapers religiously? Are you constantly checking the Internet for new information? If so, you are probably as madly in need of the latest in mobile technology as everyone else on the planet. The mobile industry is exploding with smart phones and tablets on the way and people everywhere are trying to get their piece of the mobile pie. Interested?

Mobile News. The mobile world is exploding with phones and tablets from almost every major manufacturer. James Kendrick takes you on a tour of what it means to you and the newest news in the mobile realm. Read it here.

CNET Confirmed. The folks at CNET have done it again. They have put together an impressive gallery featuring the best price on the iPhone and the HTC Evo Shift. After doing all the legwork, CNET reporters have verified that the prices shown are, in fact, the lowest prices available anywhere. If you want the newest phones, check this out.

Android Mugshots. Google has gone into overdrive with its latest offering, the Android handset phones. The company has, however, not overlooked the importance of the cell phone’s interface in terms of adding value to your device. The folks at CNET have gone over each of the hottest new gadgets, including the HTC Evo Shift and the iPhone 4, and have confirmed that each of them has the best overall user experience when compared to other Android handset phones.

CNET’s Best Deals. The folks at CNET have gone over all of the must-have Android handsets and have put them in one place, highlighting the best and most noteworthy devices for every carrier. From the LG Optimus Prime to the Samsung Galaxy S and Nokia E71, these phones are a great choice for anyone looking to make the most out of their phone. For example, if you’re tired of your existing carrier, the LG Optimus Prime is probably the one for you. You’ll get a 5.2-inch screen with capacitive navigation buttons and a gorgeous metal body.

CNET’s Biggest Rumours. If you have heard about the gorgeous LG Optimus Prime, but can’t seem to buy one because you can’t afford to burn a hole in your pocket, the folks at CNET have got you covered. The phone’s spec listing includes a stunningly large five mega-pixels camera, a rather large display (5.2 inches versus the iPhone’s 4.2 inches), a very fast, long battery life, a stunningly beautiful design, and wireless capabilities that are superior to many phones currently on the market. What more could you want?

Unconfirmed, but pretty cool. Last year, we saw a leak of the Samsung Galaxy S in the Unites States – one of the bigger screens available at the time. A number of mobile blogs claimed that the phone had been confirmed as the first smartphone to sport the uni-body technology, which uses six different kinds of curved screens to allow each user to see a different image. Although this hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung or Google, it seems to be something of an inside leak, as the company has yet to release the handset outside of South Korea – so stay tuned for more on this one!

Mobile news sources say the next phones to be launched by Samsung are set to include the long-awaited feature: Android Engine. This new version of Jellybean will allow developers to write apps for smartphones that work across a number of platforms, including Windows Phone, Symbian S and Blackberry. It will also allow users to upload their own applications to run on these devices, opening up a completely new avenue of entertainment and interaction for mobile users everywhere!

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