How to Choose the Best Free Search Engine Optimization Courses


If you’re looking at what career options are available to those with a diploma in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and what benefits SEO certificate can have to you, read further: What Are SEO Certificates? SEO certificates are typically offered by various education platforms, internet marketing agencies, digital media companies, and others may be done online, making sense, because the career is so widely practiced. In addition, there are numerous routes one can take to earn a SEO certificate – some of them paid, some not.

One option is to get an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in SEO, then enter into the workforce at a company that offers SEO training or works closely with an organization offering this type of training. These employers typically require at least a two-year degree program in website development, design, online marketing, or another related field. In many cases, they will want a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. And of course, being fresh out of college, this would put you in the accelerated program category – meaning you’d have a need to be back to work in six months.

A faster route to getting a SEO certificate is to do an apprenticeship with a company that offers SEO courses or works closely with an organization offering such training. You can get the necessary training in less time than it would take to complete an associate’s degree program, and in many cases you will not have to submit a graduation plan or a job offer. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of jobs you can have on contract as an apprentice. As a rule, however, SEO certificate courses are meant to be long-term engagements, requiring at least a year or more of focused instruction.

Another option for learning more about SEO certification is to sign up for a boot camp or seminar-style course through a company that offers online classes. Bootcamps often cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the content, the number of students, the curriculum, and so forth. While some are led by experienced SEO professionals, most teach a one-on-one style of training with live call-ins from attendees. A more expensive, although often recommended, option is to go through an academy that offers a complete, internet-based system of training complete with detailed videos, written materials, and test-based quizzes.

If you’re already in the workforce, you may have access to employers who offer SEO courses or SEO certification. Many larger companies offer a variety of positions based upon qualification and experience for their employees. As an employee, you may have access to opportunities to take classes from your employer that lead to SEO certification. This way, you could learn from the experts right where they make the most money – on the job!

There are also numerous private and online companies that offer inbound marketing and SEO courses. These courses focus on SEO certification, as well as advanced SEO methods such as link building. You can find these courses online, but be sure that they are not scams meant to get you in debt and leave you without a job when your certification is complete. Before paying for any course, be sure to look at testimonials of satisfied clients and check to see if the program comes with a full money-back guarantee. In addition, look for customer service support that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The best approach for choosing an inbound marketing or SEO expert is to ask around your coworkers and peers for recommendations. Those with SEO certification have generally earned it, so they should know what they’re talking about and be able to point you to a good SEO training company or school. Look for proven success stories and reviews of the school or program from past students and find out how long the program has been running. A certification only goes so far, so don’t settle for the first program you find.

Another good resource to use when choosing an inbound marketing or SEO expert is the internet. There are plenty of free resources out there, many of which may actually help you learn more about SEO in general. For example, there are free online forums for those who want to ask questions or share their ideas. Likewise, there are many informative articles, training courses, and free tools available on many popular websites that discuss various methods of search engine optimization. You can find many free resources by searching Google or your favorite search engine.

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