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Are you looking for how-to tips on AdSense? This article will show you three great ways to optimize your ads. But before we get into it, you must have a clear understanding of what AdSense is. An advertiser pays Google whenever someone clicks on one of its ads. The host site, Google AdSense, then generates ads based on keywords and contextual relevance to the content in your web page.

Three types of how-to videos you can learn from.

Explainer video: A good explainer video concentrates on both the how and the why – the what makes it tick and the how-to. They make people understand why your product, feature or process is so important. And they’re in high demand, too! If you want to know how to effectively advertise on Google, these are the videos for you.

Product demonstration: How-to videos on product demonstrations are a great way to advertise your products and explain them in an instructional way. This is a great method for introducing a new feature or an improved version of an existing product. Usually, the host site for the AdSense program will provide these types of tutorials for visitors who register, so all you have to do is sign in and begin viewing. As a bonus, the product demo usually includes short segments highlighting the most effective uses of AdSense’s media settings.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Study Skills: Articles that provides deep research information is a great how-to material to present on the subject. You might want to do some research yourself, but with a series of articles dissecting the topic from different angles, you can really gain some expertise and get people interested. The content should be well organized and appear authoritative, not just a “how-to.” For example, instead of just saying “use Facebook to market your business,” you should provide a series of studies on how to use Facebook’s sidebar ads to drive traffic to your site. If you can’t find any study skills articles like this on Google, try using a social networking site instead like LinkedIn.

Webinars: Another great how-to technique that utilizes audio, visual and social media is webinars. Webinars are short presentations that take about thirty minutes or an hour to completing. They often center around a single idea or concept but can go into great detail. Like study skills articles, you’ll likely need to search around to find webinar hosting sites that offer audio and visual capabilities, but some of them are free and others cost a nominal fee.

Software Demo: If you want to make a bigger impact on your audience, try to turn something you know into a software demo. If you’re an accountant who’s never done anything like this before, try creating a tax software demo. If you have a blog you’d like to turn into a how-to series, try developing a software demo for WordPress. These demos typically take about thirty minutes to an hour to create and are simple enough that anyone can do it. Just be sure you leave yourself enough time to absorb everything you learn.

Videos People love to watch videos. If you’re trying to teach someone how to make one, make sure you have at least one good quality video that will help them understand the basics. It’s also helpful to have at least one good quality video that shows off the end result after you go through the steps. You can purchase these directly from YouTube or create your own free video explaining how-to topics. You can even make one for your own self and submit it to YouTube.

Blogs and Websites If you’re already passionate about a topic, you may consider making a website or a blog about it. You can find several sites that host how-to articles with a free video showing people exactly how to get the job done. You can also write your own blog about the topic. In some cases, people will actually pay for the products you’re promoting in these blogs, so be sure you put these into your marketing plan.

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