How To Use Akismet Spam Protection WordPress Plugin

Akismet Spam Protection is a WordPress plugin that helps in blocking unwanted email. It does this by generating a database of all known email addresses and other contact forms. This database is maintained separately from the main WordPress site. With Akismet you can also block email addresses, which you consider to be spam.

You need to download Akismet Spam Protection plugin, activate it and then start using it. This plugin has been developed by Avi Frister and David Abrar. The developers of this Akismet review plugin tested it extensively on both Google and Yahoo search engines. These two search engines were chosen by the authors because of their popularity among internet users.

This review discusses the advantages of Akismet spam protection. One of these advantages is that it is free of charge. Another advantage is that it can be used on Blogs. The third advantage is that it works on any WordPress powered website.

There are several Akismet spam protection plugins available online. Some of these plugins are quite compatible with the latest versions of WordPress websites. In fact the latest version of WordPress is already configured to recognize and mark all messages as spam. Thus these plugins can be used to remove all such messages. Most of these plugins however only have limited functionality and cannot automatically remove spam comments.

The authors of this Akismet review found out that there is another version of Akismet which has a different function and is called Akismet Cleaner. This cleaner plugin is actually a part of a larger set of anti-spam software called the “Blogger Anti-Spam Suite”. This software suite has a lot of other useful features such as a free blog autosubmit option, a free domain list, a free email address list and a free blog address. All these features are also present in Akismet Cleaner. However the main difference between the two is that the Akismet Cleaner has an API key. So this API key must be enabled in order for the Akismet spam prevention plugin to function properly.

To enable the API key, you will need to click on the “API” button on the Akismet dashboard next to the “Add New Post” button. You then need to fill in the details and click “Save All Changes”. The next step is to go to the “Add-Ons” section where you will find the option for activating and deactivating plugins. You can do the same for any other plugins you may want to use with the blog. Once you have finished all these steps, you should then click on “Save All Changes”.

If you have already activated the Akismet spam filter you may want to activate the free version of Akismet by going to the Google plugin dashboard and clicking on” Akismet spam protections” and then selecting the “free version”. Then you need to activate the free version of the plugin by clicking on “manage plugins features” next to the word “Akismet”. This will take you to a page where you will find the option to activate or deactivate the plugin. For more information on how to change the settings on your blog just follow the instructions displayed on this page. In any case you should always activate the Akismet Spam Protection free version once you have finished using it.

As previously mentioned, if you have any problems or difficulties with Akismet Spam Protection you can always get help from the Akismet team. They are always willing to help you out by either emailing you or by phone. Alternatively, if you are not able to get help from them you can always log in to their support center at the website where you acquired the plugin. This support center is also where you can subscribe to the spam comments filter RSS feed. By choosing to subscribe to this feed you will be informed of whenever there is an update to the plugin.

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