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IT Security Declarations from the ink printing world

You can’t talk about HP without mentioning the printer. The HP printer division is a real success story, and credit goes to Enrique Lores and his team. Together, they figured out how to clean up channels, change designs, increase the relevance of printers to specialty CPGs, and the retail rack bundling market. The HP Sprocket photograph printer was extremely effective. Generally, it’s been a very great turnaround for the division.

HP accepted the opportunity at the Executive Forum to make a modest bunch of declarations in this domain. It reported new PageWide A3 SKUs for both transactional and contractual channels, a decent development of its A3 multifunction printer line.

HP also declared its new Accessibility Assistant, which the organization says will use conversational voice technology to improve the ease of use of HP products for individuals with a variety of intellectual, physical, and vision-related incapacities.

In print security, HP also declared newly upgraded integrations into IT security monitoring tools regularly utilized, including SIEM McAfee, and endpoint security and management platforms, for example, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

In present-day cybercrime, printers should be secured like some other endpoint of gadgets – it’s good to see HP try to make this simpler for clients. Integrating printer security with the same tools used for computers is an intelligent move that should help smooth out security efforts.

HP’s expanded its volume output to add Alexa compatibility. HP also reported that it will grow its global voice support, in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and India. This is an extremely valuable force for voice assistants to have, not a surprising thought.

Quicken the world’s most secure printers

Printing is at the core of the advanced office and security is the base. At the Executive Forum, HP also declared that it is broadening its print security services with more noteworthy integration into often utilized existing IT security monitoring tools for PCs, including SIEM and endpoint security and management platforms, for example, Microsoft. ® SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager).

Printer endpoint security is indispensable to the health of the more extensive IT network infrastructure, so HP has extended its present security management tools integration with Splunk, ArcSight, and SIEMonster to now incorporate McAfee’s SIEM.

HP is the main producer to offer printer security compliance and event data integration with these administration and monitoring tools. The organization is rearranging the security of printer endpoints close to PCs, regardless of client size or industry, improving the overall security posture of the whole network, not simply the print infrastructure.

By guaranteeing that printers are dealt with like some other endpoint on the network and managed using the same tools for PCs, HP gadgets are the most simple to secure and manage the fleet in the business.

Moreover, HP has reported a new Endpoint Security Sales and Technical Certification Training Course which is relied upon to be accessible to channel accomplices.

The Global expansion of HP voice-initiated printing

Because of the successful compatibility of HP printers in the United States with every one of the three major smart speaker platforms (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana), HP Voice will expand globally. In April of this current year, voice assistant support will be connected with HP printers.

IT Security Monitoring: This is what you need to know to keep your organization safe.

With the rise of cyber-attacks, confusion, and lack of cybersecurity knowledge, how would you know whether your organization is protected? How would you know whether you are doing the right things at the right time? The entire issue of cybersecurity is overpowering and this is not at all “fun” All in all, it’s simple to prevent, yet what is the actual danger to the organization?


Regardless of the statistics that show that organizations experience the ill effects of cyberattacks without appropriate safety efforts, cyber dangers are as yet thought to be startling, however, they are probably not going to happen. Many entrepreneurs still observe cyberattacks as a monster under the bed and cybersecurity.

Shockingly, these “monsters” are in action and the number of attacks will keep on growing. It is significant for organizations to take appropriate safety efforts to avoid “monsters” from entering the door.

Secure yourself!

A couple of basic steps can avoid this disaster or at least lessen it. Only a couple of things to remember when maintaining a business –

  • Ground-breaking IT security monitoring and management to proactively identify malicious attacks
  • Techniques and methodology set up to figure out what is unsatisfactory
  • What worker training programs should search for, what should NOT be remembered for the email
  • Security Response Procedures set up for guaranteed response and action if attacked
  • Pay attention to these warnings and use them now

If you can’t check every one of these lists, please get in touch with us and we will ensure you can.

24*7 IT Security Monitoring Services: Companies and Processes

In the connected world, cybercrime attacks, information theft, and secret activities are a day-to-day fight for some organizations. The results of such an attack are expensive, yet they also harm the reputation of an organization. Investment in comprehensive data security is fundamental to secure corporate networks, systems, and information from attacks, harm, and unapproved access. A viable security technique depends on precautionary measures and can detect and respond to existing threats.

  • IT Risk Assessment and Management:

    ExterNetworks specialists offer comprehensive services to adequately manage your network security monitoring in the following areas: security management, systems, information security, systems, and network security.

  • IT Security Monitoring:

    With ExtNoc threat detection tools and network site assessment services, we empower you to administer security-related processes, detect progressing security dangers within your organization, and take proper countermeasures.

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