The Top Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Keyword research tools are one of those things in the online world that no business can afford to be without. Yet many businesses still feel they are not getting the best results when it comes to their search engine optimization efforts. This is actually not surprising when you look at some of the results. While there are many good products out there, the best keywords analysis tools tend to make their presence felt less frequently because people often forget about them until a better program comes along.

It is a very good idea to have a high quality keyword research tool because it will allow you to get to the heart of your customer’s intent when they search for something on the web. This will give you a far better indication of what keyword combinations they might use as well as giving you an idea how to optimize each one so it works to your advantage. After in depth testing, here are today’s top five, with the best, including niche-specific tools built especially for your purpose.

Number One, no doubt, is the paid plans start with Keyword Elite by Jaaxysoft. Jaaxysoft Keyword Research Tool is a comprehensive keyword research tool that ranks your competition for you as well as providing a wealth of other information on your keywords that will help you create better ad campaigns and manage your PPC campaigns better. It is relatively easy to use, has an intuitive interface, and includes an advanced database of your competitors’ keywords to help you understand what they are doing. The site is hosted by Keyword Elite and although the link to the site does not appear in the first few pages of Google, it does rank very well in the organic area. If you do not have money to invest in PPC, then this is the tool for you. But if you do have money to invest in paid plans, then this is definitely worth the investment for your AdWords campaign.

Number two of the top paid tools is Keyword Elite by Autocard. This keyword research tools offer you the most in depth information about your keywords and the competition for them. If you want to target specific keywords, this is the tool for you. You can also organize your entire campaign using the various modules that include suggestions for building a landing page, importing and exporting your data, creating automatic newsletters and so much more.

Number three, from the top keyword research tools list is Wordtracker by Keyword Elite Software. Wordtracker ranks for your keywords based on certain criteria and provides you with detailed information on how to optimize your landing page, how to optimize images for SEO and so much more. This tool will provide you with keyword research data, competitor data, and much more which will give you a big boost in your online business. This tool is very easy to use, but will require you to pay a price for its services.

Number four on the list of top keyword research tools is Overture by Google. This tool will help you find out what other people are doing to rank well for your own keywords and even find new niches that you can promote to target your ideal customers. You can easily view statistics that show how many searches have been conducted for each of your keywords as well as the average position that your link is in when compared to competitors. This tool also has an advanced search feature that will help you optimize images for SEO.

Number five on the list of keyword research tools is the Answer Keyword Tool by Google. The Answer Keyword Tool is a great tool because it allows you to input search terms and it will then return all matching websites with the appropriate tags. For instance, if you are looking for an SEO article about dog training, you can type in dog training, then the site that pops up is going to be a great article resource for you to use in the future to promote your business. This is just one of the many features of this tool that makes it such an effective resource.

The last of the top keyword research tools on the list is a magic tool known as KeywordSpy. This powerful tool has the ability to scan through billions of pages and pull out the best keyword ideas from each page. The best thing about KeywordSpy is that it has a great user interface that makes it easy to find and select the best ideas. One of the best things about KeywordSpy is that it gives you the option of choosing between several thousand keyword ideas, allowing you to effectively target specific customer groups. This is a great choice if you want to find niche ideas for each different segment of your business model.

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