Top 7 Key Ways To Make More Profit From Google AdWords With Your Campaign

Google AdWords is one of many online advertising options available to you. Google AdWords offers several means of targeting, which we will discuss in further detail below. For now, let’s take a look at your options with Google AdWords that can really make your advertising campaigns more targeted:

Keywords: A good way to increase your chances of success with this type of online advertising program is by using relevant keywords to target your ads. When potential customers search for these terms, they are more likely to see your ad. You have to understand that not every advertisement is displayed. For that reason, you need to choose keywords that will be of interest to most people browsing the internet.

Landing pages: The page where your customer arrives after clicking on your ad. It is vital that the page is optimized to direct them to the appropriate landing page once they have clicked on your ad. For example, if you sell tires, your landing pages may include information about the different types of tires, how to care for them, and how much money they could save by buying a certain brand. Your online advertisements should give prospects useful and relevant information that they can use. Therefore, make sure you include this in all of your Google AdWords campaigns.

Lead Gen: One of the most effective ways to drive more qualified traffic to your website is to engage prospects in an opt-in list or e-commerce sales funnel. By using lead generation in your google ads campaigns, you can get leads from the most important actions such as signing up for free reports, following an online course or subscribing to a newsletter. These actions are crucial because your future business success depends on these prospects being interested in what you are offering. Without these initial actions, there will be no conversions.

CRM platform: Google AdWords campaigns should include a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The CRM platform allows you to segment leads according to their preferences in terms of demographics and interests, so you can provide the right information to customers so they feel confident about making that purchase. It should also include features to help you manage your leads so you can focus your time and attention on driving quality traffic to your site. Many advertisers do not have a good understanding of how CRM tools should be used so it’s always helpful to employ a trained consultant to help you with this process.

Tracking: Google AdWords campaigns need to have a tracking mechanism integrated into them. This will allow you to measure the performance of your ad campaigns and determine where you are able to best optimize your ads. Some of the tracking tools you can employ include Google Analytics, Google Mobile Platform, Google AdWords campaign tracking and many others. With these tools you can determine where your ads are performing and what keywords or phrases are helping you achieve the results you desire.

Conversion Rates: Your online campaign efforts should be aimed at improving conversion rates. The higher the conversion rates of your ad’s the more likely you are to have successful campaigns. What is the rate at which users are clicking on your ads? How many of those clicks turn into sales? These are vital metrics to track as you strive for ever-higher ad placement rankings and even the coveted top spot in the search results. Tracking the success of your ads will allow you to quickly adjust your ad offerings and search engine optimization strategies in order to achieve the most success.

Leadsbridge: Google AdWords offers a free tool called Leadsbridge that will help you identify which of the many prospects you have identified would be a good fit for your online business. By utilizing this tool you can identify both the leads you need to refine and those that are just a waste of time. In other words, you can identify the leads that are likely to result in sales and the action you need to take to get them there. For example, you may need to create new ads, modify your landing page, or conduct an upgrade for existing customers. Using the information you gain from Leadsbridge you can determine whether or not any of the leads are a good fit for your business. This useful tool will make your campaign goals more attainable.

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